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Sophocles, anime, and other unrelated things

What men have seen they know,
But what shall come hereafter
No man before the event can see,
Nor what end waits for him.

That's from Sophocles' "Ajax" which is a pretty boring play except for some fun insults at the very end. But that's the last bit of dialogue and I just really liked it.

8.5 hours till con. Am I excited? Yes. Am I over my blue funk from yesterday? Not really, but I'm working through it. Did I do any of the homework that I needed to get done this weekend but that I won't do because of con? ...Maybe...

I'm still kinda wanting to wear my Winry costume tomorrow, but I'd feel really weird (like I won't feel weird anyway) getting auctioned off in a tube top. So Winry it is today.... and tomorrow the catgirl... Yep, I'm gonna get auctioned off as a catgirl. We'll see what happens. *I'm* just hoping I don't go unsold. *embarrassment*

Time is going too fast. I now only have TWO weeks to write my 10pg Philosophy paper... which I'm not planning on working on ANYWAY till like next weekend. Which will mean one week to write 10pgs. I can do that. And if worse comes to worst, I can always pull an allnighter, yay. I actually kind of like allnighters. They help me think. Plus, the world is really pretty at about 5 in the morning and I'm never up to see it normally. So yeah.

505 minutes till con! ;D
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