Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

weird dream...

Had this dream last night. The roomie finally found out that I want to be rid of her. She freaked out and was like "your annoying habits bug me way more than my habits bug you" and I was like "nuh-uh." Luckily we were at a roomie convention or something because we were then able to sit down with a roomie counselor (and also my ex-roomie, I have no idea why she was there) who told us that we weren't nearly annoying enough to change roomies and that since we hadn't gone through the proper channels anyway, we were out of luck.

Hope that's not a prophetic dream. Or maybe it's just a hint to get my rear in gear. Who knows.

Edit: Oh yeah, and my jaw still hurts from yesterday. You can actually still see the hole the needle left in my gums. yay.
Tags: randomness

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