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wow... icon madness

Okay, some explanations, I suppose. First, I spent WAY too much time on the animated one. Sheesh. I have no idea how people have enough patience to spend weeks and months on amvs when I get anxious after a couple hours on an icon.

Um, technicolor is pretty self-explanatory. The llamas... yeah... that comes from a question on my psych test last week. The teacher just wanted to give us free points, so the last question on the test was: 50. Llamas? A. Yes (just put A)... But one should always say YES to llamas anyway. I'll be here: FMA pics, FF8 opening... they just fit. Hello Kitty. Yeah, that's just what I think every time I see that ep. The lion-alligator thing (which is soooooo totally an iquion. :D) shows up and I'm like "hello, kitty." God is my facebook friend: something youko_astarael said to me today... and that's just freakin' hilarious. She was talking about how everybody and their dog has friended her now. So yeah, God apparently has a facebook account. XD Sexy!ed is also for youko_astarael cause that's her fav scene ever I suppose. It's paying her back for my SPARKLY icon, which made me sparkly, yay.

That is all. You may continue with your lives.
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