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Okay, yeah, been doing more icon-ing than homework. But I did get some stuff done today... er... yesterday. Anyway, got a plan, no worries. Soooooo... new icons ;D
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Yeah, kinda enjoying Saiyuki right now. I gotta get my money's worth out of those DVDs somehow, right?

In other news, kinda lonely up here. I think I may actually be the only person on the floor now. I haven't seen anyone else since yesterday evening... And that just sounded kinda scary. Well, if the zombies get me, you all know why... sigh. Seriously, though, kinda getting depressing. I hadn't realized I was this attached to having people around.... I think this is the first time I haven't left over fall break, but I know I REALLY wouldn't have gotten anything done if I had, so...

Point being... okay, peoples, depressed and lonely here. I need a hug. *puppy-dog eyes* Or just some acknowledgement... *cricket chirp* Anyone out there?
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