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I have noticed that I never seem to have enough time. I always have TIME, of course, just never enough of it. If I have time to watch a TV show, for instance, I generally end up having to leave before it's over. Or, I'll be reading a book, and I'll get to like the last chapter and won't have time to read it. Or I'll be intending to write up a journal entry and then just never actually do it. Okay, so that's just procrastination, but still, you get my point. I'm tired of running out of time for everything. I should get a Time Turner. (If you don't know what that is, what rock have you been living under?) Anyway...

I had that audition today. There was a general stunned silence, but I'll let you all in on a fun little secret--balancing peacock feathers *isn't actually hard*. It looks really nifty and difficult, but once you get past the initial 'OhmyGod!! It's gonna fall!' stage, you've pretty much mastered the whole concept. So, I go in, do my monologue, show off my nifty talent, and get out of there, cause they said on the sheet 'to be no more than three minutes.' Right? So I did no more than three minutes. Okay, maybe three and a half, tops. But the thing is, just about everyone else was doing way more than that...so...should I have stretched out my act? I mean I could have, I only balanced on foot, hand, and chin and I have a lot more body parts than just that. I think I did the right thing, though, get in, show off, get out. Three minutes. We'll find out though, because callbacks are supposed to be posted in about a half hour or so from now. Will update later.
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