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Sep. 27th, 2005 @ 07:51 pm owie
Current Sound Effects: Firefly on SciFi
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Dentist appointment today. Yeah, ickiness. I'm seriously phobic or something, I come about THIS close to having a panic attack in the lobby everytime I have to go. bleh. And even better, got to go back in a month to get a cavity filled. double bleh... so yeah, I'm kinda feeling icky and I've gotta study for a quiz. So life sucks right now.

On a happier note, FIREFLY! whoo!

Edit: More WHOO!

You scored as Hoban 'Wash' Washburne. The Pilot. You are a leaf on the wind, see how you soar. You have a good job, and a stunning wife who loves you (and can kill people). Life is good, which is why you can't help smiling. Now if you can just get people to actually listen to your opinion things would be perfect.


Hoban 'Wash' Washburne


Inara Serra


River Tam


Zoe Alleyne Washburne


Shepherd Derrial Book


Capt. Mal Reynolds


Jayne Cobb


Simon Tam


Kaylee Frye


The Operative


Which Serenity character are you?
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Date:September 29th, 2005 04:00 am (UTC)


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Joni, I'm at Nan's and have spent the evening reading your journal while Nan fixes your new jeans. (Actually, she's almost done and she did a fantastic job.....go Nan! Nan is saying, "Hi, Joni. Nan loves you!" I came to York to go to the specialist's meeting, or so I thought.....Grandpa Bill is having a biopsy tomorrow and I was like IN SHOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not to change the subject...or maybe to change it..........whatever.........loved the pumpkin bread cupcake comment and Nan said she loved the G.P.D. comment. About the 27th, try to look at it as another opportunity to spend some time with your old Mother. I could enjoy a beating if my kids would be there. no kidding............oh, I just thought an awful thought which I feel compelled to share with you..........I ran over the largest racoon I have ever seen. Sorry about that, but it ran out in front of me. I was just glad it wasn't some kid in a costume........if you get my drift. Well, everyone is in bed, so I guess I'd better close up shop. You will never appreciate your ability to incite interest with your use of words. Do not know where you got that "gift", but I for one truly appreciate it. Look forward to some of this stuff getting printed some day. It will, just as surely as the sun coming up in the morning. So long, farewell, ..............good-bye! LOL MOM or should I have said, "...luglum....ul...wendy.."