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LJ Interests meme results

  1. animals:
    ooh, yes, I loves my aminals. Especially the cute and fluffy kind.
  2. cats:
    See above. :D I have two of them, Candy and Seal, and numerous farm cats back at the ol' homestead. Senior year science project for high school science fair: trained four of the farm cats to do tricks, including speak, wave (Little One learned left from right, squee), jump, over/under, and much much more... Also, campus kitties.
  3. dark is rising:
    Um, only the best young adult series ever. The Dark is Rising Sequence by Susan Cooper is the one series that I will unashamedly (sp?) plug to anyone and everyone who reads anything.
  4. escaflowne:
    My first anime! Oh, the memories. I own the movie and the brother unit owns the complete series. Sure, it's a shojo anime (for girls) but don't hold that against it, as long as you can ignore the boring parts about Hitomi, the "lead" and focus on the daring exploits of Van Fanel, young kind of Fanelia, and his loyal cat-girl Merle, then no worries. :) Speaking of, that's exactly what FOX did when it brought the show to America, editing the first 15 eps down to just 9, completely excluding the first ep which focused on Hitomi on Earth before the story really starts... Go American Butchers, WHOO!
  5. fantasy:
    This is what I wish my life was sometimes. Wouldn't it be so much easier if a dragon showed up and crispified my bio lab assistant? Trust me, it would. And so what if I would rather spend all my living in another world... this one's boring anyway.
  6. harry potter:
    Oh, my, yes... My first real fandom... quickly followed by the dozen or so others I currently frequent, and many more which have fallen to the wayside. Yes, I still remember the days when it actually took DAYS for me to read an HP book. I never would have gotten in touch with my sneaky, Slytherin side without this book... *tear* thank you soooo much, JK. *sniffle*
  7. lord of the rings:
    Probably my second major fandom, after HP. And I would just like people to know that YES, I DID like Frodo BEFORE Elijah Wood played him. He was my fav char in the books, which I read well before the movies came out. Legolas, on the other hand...
  8. mythology:
    Wow, I'm beginning to see a pattern in my interests. Am I that obsessive? I suppose the answer is probably yes. Anyway... I'm in a mythology class right now, as it happens. Fav myth: The Scandinavian story of Loki and the mistletoe. Go look it up, it's good.
  9. sci-fi:
    STAR WARS started it all.... (even though it's more fantasy than sci-fi, but I won't tell if you won't)... It is the alpha and the omega... well, okay, maybe not, but it is what started my sci-fi kick. Way back in 1997, when I was but a wee lass of 12, George Lucas gave unto the world a New Hope, and all was well... ;)
  10. star ocean:
    Okay, finally something that deals with another of my obsessions- RPGs. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time had a GREAT battle system and was uber awesome, even though the story sucked major big time. I wanna name something Fayt.

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