March 6th, 2012


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Because I'm a dork, and everything's better in threes~ To complete my trifecta of posts:

I love you, [personal profile] thousandneedles! Always and forever and more than all the Universe-carrying Alots combined.

Two years isn't nearly enough but it's a good start. Here's to a happy anniversary (and no packing today? please? ;_; we could even break the schedule since it's a special day?) and manymany more. Alot of Anniversaries! He's probably got a dayplanner or something.

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Today started off kind of sucky, but then I set this

as my work wallpaper, and suddenly the day wasn't so horrible.

Although I'm seriously starting to wonder if just cutting my tongue out wouldn't hurt less at this point. Dear lord, I've never had canker sores be this persistently awful before.