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Feb. 6th, 2012 @ 08:23 am Thoughts and Things
So, I was trying to be good and finish all the trophies in FFXIII before I moved on to XIII-2 but... well, all I have left is two hunt quests and leveling up final weapons whiiiiiiiiiiiich means trapezohedrons, which means fighting way too many adamantoises which means I got bored so I started XIII-2 last night. Hopefully I'll go back to XIII at some point, because I'm THIS CLOSE to completing everything in the game, and it's a shame that the only thing stopping me is lousy drop rates.


FFXIII-2 talk behind a cut. Not really any spoilers (at least, not story spoilers) since I'm only a couple hours in, but in case anyone wants to avoid knowing ANYTHING before they play it.Collapse )

TL;DR- Opinion so far that I hope I change in the next chapter: Unless you're a loyal, buy every game ever FF fan... just wait for the Let's Play.

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Taiyaki bunny
Feb. 6th, 2012 @ 11:28 am Two posts in one day?! What is this madness????
So, I just spent like a half hour trying to explain purchasing a bus pass to a very sweet man of unspecified Asian descent (although from the name, I would hazard a guess at Chinese) who tried very hard to get his point across and understand mine but which was still one of the most unintentionally* frustrating conversations I have had in ages.

I don't blame him at all for not understanding, but this is why 'Common' is such a convention in Scifi/Fantasy. Can you imagine the Council of Elrond if everyone got stuck on the name of the One Ring?

*Notice I specificy UNINTENTIONALLY frustrating. We get plenty of people who call or come in and are intentionally frustrating. They can all just go to hell.

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