June 11th, 2011

Bad Idea Bears

Best Card EVAR, yo

So, yeah, thanks to the horrible enabling of mellow_dk and rhosyn_du I decided to sign up for hc_bingo and now I have my card, and it is seriously the awesomest card to ever awesome. No, really, it is. See?

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I already have ideas for a good portion of them, as well as some extras. I think I'm going to attempt a DBSK blackout, then go back and pick up other bingos and extras with different fandoms. Hopefully that offer of betaing still stands, Rainy? ^^;

The stories will most likely all be posted over at envious_muses which is my sadly neglected writing journal. I'll try to remember to post links here whenever I get a bingo, though, and I will keep this post updated as I remember.

Let's see... anything interesting been going on IRL lately? Hm. Well, I'm making a cosplay again for the first time in years. It's all transitorial's fault. I'm making two of them, actually, for Nebraskon in November. Vanille from FF13 and Merrill from Dragon Age 2. If you don't know Merrill, this is Merrill.


She's an elf. An elf wearing a chainmail catsuit. This is going to be a long few months.

Joking aside, the chainmail is coming along remarkably well, even if it doesn't look like anything yet. As for Vanille, I have plans for her weapon, we'll see if they work out. I'm also thinking of just dyeing my hair pink instead of getting a wig. Why would I do that, you ask? Because I can. Because my job is awesome and doesn't care if I have pink hair. Well, blue, technically was what I asked about, because this was long before the cosplay idea came up, and my boss was all 'sure, you can dye your hair blue. in fact, I'm expecting you to show up with blue hair now, so you'd better do it.'

I love my job. Have I mentioned that? It's the most boring, mind-numbing place to work that I have ever encountered with some of the most horrible, entitled, bitchy customers ever (I work in a Parking office at a university, in case some people didn't know, and oh lord the helicopter parents) but the people are amazing and I can dye my hair blue (or pink) and show up in tennis shoes every day, and check Facebook all day, and as long as I get my work done, no one cares! And just the other day, my boss was joking about me not taking ENOUGH time off!

And my department director changed his title to 'TK-427' in our official records.

I really love my job.