February 28th, 2010

Happy Envy

Blenders don't have anything on hockey.

There are probably about two people who will understand my header, and I don't even know if they will. Oh well.

Hockey, man. Hockey. Fucking crazy sport. You want to slam someone up against a wall? Allowed! You want to hit people with a hockey stick? Totally legal! You want to shove someone to the ice and skate over them? Practically necessary!

I'd forgotten just how much I enjoyed this sport. Haven't really watched it in years, just because hockey doesn't get oodles of tv time around here. But maaaaaaaaaaaaaan, it's fun. Fun fun fun. I mean, just now, the US guy skated up behind a Canadian guy and just checked him right into the boards for no apparent reason.

Awesome sport. Awesome. *goes back to chanting USA! USA! USA!*