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My director is from the interwebs!

I have no idea what the context was (as sadly happens with most of these things) but my director just referenced Pedobear. He is truly of the interwebs. He is one of us.

So, XIII-2 has surprised me. The battle system after you get your first monsters is a lot more fun and customizable. Honestly, my feelings for the game now can pretty much be summed up by this Penny Arcade comic:

That's a Cait Sith (which is a monster species not a specific name in this game) and it's a fairly good medic. I just taught mine Esuna. It makes the most adorable mew whenever it casts Cure, too. And I did get that hat and I did put it on my cat and I giggled endlessly while doing so. It was glorious.

I also have great fun renaming all my monsters when I catch them. The Cait Sith stayed Cait Sith because it's just a good name, but I have a couple magic users (the little dancy bat things, if you played XIII) named Stella and Winston who specialize in ice and fire respectively, and one of the bug things from the beginning of X (no, seriously, they are. I can't find an image or I'd show you. It's a meonekton, so you can look it up yourself.) and I have named her Antoinette. And like a half-dozen others, but those are in my current party. Sadly, you have to pick from a pre-generated list of names, or I'd have ones that were a lot more creative.

...Although, in retrospect, that's probably why you can't make your own.

Anyway, the point of this gushing is that, yeah, okay, the game is edging toward fun now (although how long can you be amused by catching and training collectible monst-...wait. right.) but I'm having more fun dressing up my pets than I am playing the game itself. And I still spend more time yelling at the characters for their stupid dialogue options and even worse story decisions. Janel and I have renamed Serah 'derpface' because she reallyreally is.

One update from last time, there IS a way to have multiple saves, but to do that, you have to go through this convoluted process and it's barely worth it. (No, really. The game saves in THREE STAGES. It takes like a full minute. I don't know what it's doing under the hood, but that just seems weird.) Plus, you can only do it from the sort of game-hub. Frustrating. Very frustrating.

So, yeah, there are fun things, and the monster designs are cool, so getting to see them some more is fun. Oh! There are puzzles. Yeah, cause you can't have a "fun" RPG without pointless puzzles, right?

There's been a lot of yelling at my tv.

To sum up: Game is fun, in its own way, but it's also not something I'm going to be urging people to run out and buy NOWNOWNOW. Still holding out hope that that will change, though. I mean, most FF games aren't even out of the tutorial by ten hours in. So I'm still giving it time.

Till then, I shall continue amusing myself by putting hats on cats.

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