February 13th, 2009

07Ghost- Burupya~

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Today was 'Customer Appreciation Day' at work, so we had cupcakes and things to give away, and also a drawing for a $50 gift card to a restaurant here in town. One of my veryveryVERY favorite customers ended up winning. I was probably as excited as she was. XD I was happy for her that she won. I guess it was a little obvious, because my boss asked me if I wanted to call her to let her know she'd won. I did, and she was very happy to have won, and it just made me feel good, because she's one of the customers that you really WANT to help and want to bend over backward for if you can to make things happen for them. She's just that awesome.

Yeah, no, there really wasn't much point to this post, just that my awesome customers are awesome. There are a couple that I just adore and they really make it worth it.
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