October 18th, 2005



Okay, what am I doing making journal entries at 7:30 in the morning when I don't have to be up today? I shall tell you. I am making a journal entry because the alarm in the room next door has been going off since 6:00 this morning. Yes, that means I have been UP since about 6:00 this morning. Thank God I decided to go to bed early last night (read: 1:00 AM) instead of staying up till all hours like I have the other days of this break. So anyway, Emily, I am wroth with you. Even if that's Chelsey's alarm and not yours, I am still wroth with you for not controlling your roommate... and also because I just like to use the word wroth.

But, there is good news. The early hour has inspired me. Soooooo- in the much loved spirit of The Iliad, abridged, Romeo and Juliet, abridged, and Middle Earth, abridged comes Collapse ) ph34r.

Speaking of, the alarm clock seems to have stopped. If I had just ignored it for another hour and a half...

Anything else? Hmm... Wow, Wilma, only the second time there have been this many tropical storms and hurricanes since the weather service started keeping track. That's a lot. Wow.

Meh, it's too early to think. Which makes one wonder how I got that abridged done... which should make it obvious that there actually isn't that much thought involved in them. Laters.