February 6th, 2005


un-super bowl

I'm so disappointed right now. The Super Bowl was lousy. Not the game, I'm sure if I'd actually watched it, it would have been fine, but these have to have been the WORST commercials from any year I've ever watched. Sigh. Like one good one, and that was the Bush Clydesdales. That donkey is just the cutest thing ever, but every other commercial was either stupid or it had chimps, which makes it worse than stupid. I was promised a low quantity of chimp commercials this year! I demand fewer chimp commercials! Except trunk monkey, trunk monkey can stay.

Went to Mamma Mia! yesterday, and it was, as expected, UBER AWESOME! I never knew I knew that many ABBA songs. I think I was even singing along with some of the ones I didn't know, it was that much fun. No story whatsoever, but it didn't really need one, it's not like it was thought-intensive or anything. :) I don't think I've laughed at that many obscure jokes at one time in my life ever before. Some stuff was just absurd, like a 'dream sequence' where the entire cast was onstage in neon bathing suits. Yeah, that's what I thought. It was no RENT, but it was really good.

So much classwork. I'm still finding excuses not to do homework, but they're getting flimsier and I'm not sure how much longer I can hold out. I suppose I'll live, but still... I don't like school. Up note is, I don't have one of my classes this week, so even more time to loaf around the room, down note, test on Friday. Bigger up note, MY BIRTHDAY IS SATURDAY!!!! Bigger down note, I'm only going to be twenty, which means I still can't do clubs and stuff, not like I'd drink (alcohol makes me sick even before I'm drunk, trust me from experience) but it might be fun to go clubbing and stuff. Not till next year. Biggest up note is that Xenosaga Ep 2 is out A WEEK FROM TUESDAY! WOO!

Side note-Jerry Springer's pretty good at singing. Yay for Whose Line is it Anyway?

Anyway, (teehee) Xenosaga is the game I've been looking forward to since I finished the first one almost a year ago. So yeah, it's much anticipated. It should be REALLY fun, especially cause the story will focus on my fav character from the first one, Jr, who no one really knows anything about. Mysterious. I like mysterious guys. If there are any mysterious guys out there reading this right now...

Sudden sleepiness. Must be the Psych homework, that stuff could put a chronic insomniac to sleep. Till later, Happy Trails.