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*dies and is dead*


How was everyone's Christmas? Good Christmas? Bad Christmas? No Christmas at all? Was it just an awesome weekend? I had an awesome weekend. As you can tell, I'm having an awesome week, too. I have cinnamon rolls my grandma made me and I don't have to go to work cause the university offices are closed all week. THAT'S AWESOME!

I also just finished my hc_bingo like an hour ago! That's awesome, too! I set myself a challenge to do a 25-fic blackout entirely in the DBSK fandom and I have done so! (Which, speaking of and not to pimp myself shamelessly, if you're on my flist and like reading DBSK fic, head on over to my writing journal envious_muses or its mirror at Dreamwidth to see if any of them strike your fancy. You can either use the tag or go directly to the master post to see all the prompts. They're all linked there. I will likely post everything to one of the fic comms eventually, I'm just lazy.)

Now I'm fiddling with some extra fills, none of which will likely be DBSK. So far, there's a finished Saiyuki one which I will post later today and three unfinished, one Diabolo (why have more people not read that manga?) and two FF13. We shall see.
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