Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

um... didn't I already know this?

Took my first test of the year today. Biology 101. Yeah, easiest test ever. Know why? BECAUSE I TOOK THAT TEST MY SENIOR YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL! In fact, I'm not positive, but I think I just may have taken it in seventh grade as well... but don't quote me on that. What a crap test, only took me 20 minutes and I wasn't even the first one done. The sad part is that people were actually still taking it when I left. I hate that class. Maybe at least now we'll learn something new.

Today, my mythology teacher was talking about this really great wine mentioned in the odyssey and was saying how they had to mix it down with like 20 parts water to one part wine. Then he says the most hilarious thing ever... "I only cut Everclear with one part water." The entire class seriously does a double take and like WTF?! I mean, he's a 60-something prof, he's not supposed to be talking about drinking heavy liquor... is he?

Still slogging through the Iliad. I'll finish it eventually. Much less reading in that class right now. Also, test on Monday. Good motivation.

I have decided that my room is decidely NOT freshman safe. Dolphin safe, yes. Freshman safe, no. I've begun to wonder exactly why the Honors Program has decided that it's a good idea to keep a percentage of upperclassmen hanging around Nerdhardt, which is primarily freshman housing. I think they say it's for role model-ship or something. Then I look at myself... sitting here, surfing the net... writing the abridged versions of classical works... when I should really be studying. I'm still an honors nerd and yet... do I really want to infect the newly made freshmen honors nerds? Sadly, two have already been lost despite my best efforts. Kristina... Emily... I'm so very sorry that you had to fall to my arrogance before I realized the problem. So... I've put up a warning on the door to warn all comers that I may not be the best model of studiousness. Although, I am living proof that you don't have to LIKE school to succeed in school. Or something like that.

If I get really bored tonight I shall attempt another abridged. I already have one forming in my mind, so we'll see what we shall see.

Tune in next time, same SPARKLY time, same SPARKLY channel.
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