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Baby's First Crosspost

Merry Christmas, bitches! And a Happy Saturday or Holiday of your choice to those who don't celebrate.

krillia gave me Star Wars for Christmas! XD Well, sort of. She got me this really awesome Sounds of Star Wars book that I'd been lusting over while she was here, and Star Wars Lego set! With a Wampa! And now I'll have two Lego snowspeeders, so I just need to get a Lego AT-AT and I can stage EPIC HOTH BATTLES!!!

*ahem* About to head over to my sister's for Christmas morning festivities, including but not limited to watching the first Sherlock Holmes movie as a family so we can all go see the new one. It's kind of funny, whenever my family likes the same things I do. Or, maybe not 'funny' so much as unexpected.

Last night was the biiiiiiiiiiiig extended family Christmas at my aunt's house. Fewer people showed up than usual, which was kind of sad, but expected. Mom was really the one who held our family together half the time. Sometimes I think they only came to see her. But my favorite cousin was there and my two favorite uncles (my mom had six brothers and sisters, five of whom are still alive, one of which never comes to anything although he sent me a Christmas card which was WEIRD cause it was to "Joni and Friend" and how the HELL did he find out about Janel? Not that I'm upset about that, just really confused... and this parenthetical ran away from me) so I was pretty happy with who was there.

Happiest part was transitorial getting along with everyone so amazingly well. My grandma adores her (more than she likes me sometimes, I think XD) and she and my favorite cousin and I talked practically all night like this wasn't the first Christmas she'd come to at all. And my Uncle Ron included her in his traditional scratch lottery ticket Christmas gifting. XD

I won $15! She didn't win anything.

BEST part of the night, though! My favorite cousin has a kid, Cece, kind of adorable now that she's old enough to have grown a bit out of that 'I'm always right and you're not my dad' mentality. Anyway, Janel and I were just chilling and Cece comes to sit in the living room near us cause that family was getting ready to head out, and she looks at Janel and me and asks "Are you guys roommates?"

Which, looking back, is an honest question. She hadn't been introduced to Janel and Janel HAD just kind of randomly showed up at Christmas from her point of view. But it set Janel and I giggling. Think the answer we came up with was 'sort of' or something like that. She gives us this kind of dubious face, so I go ahead and elaborate. She's like 8 or 9, so it's not like she's never heard of gay people before, probably. "She's my fiancee" I tell her. "What's that mean?" I get back.

Again, probably an honest question. How many of you knew what a 'fiancee' was when you were 8? And then to hear it applied in a non-standard situation? Still so many giggles. "We're going to get married." I finally say.

You guys, I cannot even DESCRIBE the face she made. It was so hilarious. It was like a combination of o.O and D: but not really with a "ZOMG EW!" vibe, just in an 'asking a Borg to solve an unsolvable computer problem' way.

So we told her to go ask her dad.

*giggles* Merry Christmas, favorite cousin!

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