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It's a sad day in LJ-land, my friends. I know it's kind of silly to be this upset (and I'm pretty sure transitorial thinks I'm overreacting just a bit because she says I should have expected this all from LJ by now, especially after 'Strikethrough' et al) but I am.

So I've dusted off my old Dreamwidth account and created a new one for the fic journal. (Sorry to the people I've been spamming, btw. Especially if you don't like DBSK fic. I'm just really happy I've been doing so well on my hc_bingo claim. Only three more fics to finish, and I have an extra already written, so four more posts, probably some time next week.) I'm importing both journals over there today. Whether I just use them as a backup or start crossposting or move entirely depends on what my flist and fandom as a whole decides to do.

Who all currently has a Dreamwidth, btw? I've got some people, but I'm sure I've seen others on my flist posting about having accounts and just never got around to friending them over there. Anyone else?
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