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Aug. 20th, 2011 @ 08:24 pm MEME TIME~ \o/
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from theangstmonkey

Comment on this post and let me know you want to participate. I will choose six userpics from your profile and you will explain what they mean and why you are using them. Post this along with your answers in your own journal so others can play along.

Ahaha, one of my favorite scenes from the Gravitation anime. novatierre made this for me (that's the name Ani's going by now, right? It was youko_astarael at the time) because I was so enamoured of the scene and couldn't make icons at the time, being exceedingly new to LJ. I don't use this icon quite so much anymore, but generally when I'm really excited about something, usually something fannish.

This one is all my fault. andmydog and I (I think it was Grim?) were talking about Hakkai and Gojyo, specifically the two we were playing at the time over at sages_of_chaos and how that Gojyo was too scared to push Hakkai to tell him anything and he just let Hakkai keep everything all bottled up like a giant emo turtle. So... yes. For some reason that seemed insanely hilarious to me. Like, completely fall off my chair hilarious. I tend to use this icon for things that I'm being melodramatic about and I know it but don't care quite enough not to be melodramatic.

It's Uri, man. That should be Uri's catchphrase or something. I just use that one whenever I feel like it, honestly, ha. I think Uri might be my favorite character from Reborn.

Made this one for hold_nothing and liked it so much I kept it for myself, too. ^^; It's Boo from Megatokyo. I forget what his sign originally said. Help or something, probably. I edited that out and added the text that's there now, cause... well, he's fucking adorable. I generally use this one for cute things, because it's cute.

I... honestly can't remember where I got this icon and I'm too lazy to look at my tags to find out. Eep? Anyway, it's a quote from... I want to say Mark Hamill on the original reaction to Star Wars by critics and censers and how they were so concerned about Chewbacca being 'naked.' I use this for insanely stupid things worrying about insanely stupid things, much like the lack of wookiepants.

Ah, Hyperbole and a Half. If you haven't ever seen this blog, you should google it right now. It's amazing. And you can always tell when she posts a new entry because icons from it pop up across the intarwebz. Well, this one is mine. Hell of a time getting it to all fit, too. Had to cut up all the text and move it around and just... agh. But worth it. The uses for this icon are totally apparent, I hope? I mean, it says right there in the icon. Whenever things go epically wrong, this icon is my go-to.

Also, working Big Red Welcome tomorrow. Going to be hot and horrible, but yay overtime? Really going to need it in the coming couple months. About a week and a half till the New Orleans vacation. Janel's uber excited and I want to be excited, but... well... scary. Which it doesn't seem fair of me to be scared when I dragged Janel up here and it's not like she gets to leave in five days after meeting MY family. She's stuck here. But it's still scary. But it'll be time away from work no matter what happens. So yay.

Cosplay is... coming along. Very slowly. So very slowly. Really don't know if we'll finish any of these costumes before November, but it's kind of fun anyway. And I'm making chainmaille. How cool is that? Chainmaille! Me! Making my very own! Out of real links and everything! Also trying to work on my fics for hc_bingo but mostly failing so far. We'll see. I'll get at least one bingo if it kills me, but it's frustrating, wanting to write and not finding the time for that and rp and everything else ever and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.

Man, this is a longer post than I've made in months. Damn. Um... Also watching Protect the Boss. Oh, lord, this show will be the death of me. It's cute and heartbreaking and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah it needs to get subbed faster, fersrs.

Anyway. Flist. What's up with you?
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Happy Envy
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Date:August 21st, 2011 01:50 am (UTC)
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Sorry, what? I totally forgot everything except "OMG PtB mention must FANGIIIIIIIIIIIIIRL!"

Seriously, half my conversations these past couple weeks have been Protect the Boss-related. Sunday on, I get excited because "OMG NEW EPISOOOOOOOOOOODES!" Starting Tuesday I start my countdown to the new episode (and how soon I can watch it online). Literally, Monday I was annoying everyone I know (some of whom don't even know what that show IS, let alone watch it) with a "Thirty-two hours and ten minutes until the new episode!

Yeah, girl. I've got it BAD. I never thought I'd be this addicted to a drama. XD
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Date:August 21st, 2011 01:59 am (UTC)
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transitorial and I are totally just addicted to this damn show. And it's totally not fair. Because I don't know one whit of Korean beyond, like, 'hello' and 'thank you' so I'm sitting here obsessively checking for the subtitles to be uploaded. I'm through ep 5 now, but 6 isn't up yet and I am FLAILING MYSELF TO DEATH OH GOD WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO NOW?!?!?!?!

And everyone ever is breaking my heart. ...Okay, no, really just Jihun and Muwon are breaking my heart. How can they both have a happy ending when they both want the exact same things? And Jihun is the protag so I know he'll win, but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Muwon I love you and your emotionally abused childishness.

Fersrs, yo. I could analyze these characters ALL NIGHT and I LOVE it. So fucking complex. Love love love.

...I need a PtB icon. Like, yesterday.
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Date:August 21st, 2011 02:08 am (UTC)
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God, yeah, watching the episodes raw can be KILLER. I catch bits and pieces here and there, but when an episode is really storyline heavy (like episode six, god it was killer) I'm sitting there going WTF IS GOING ON?!?!?!?!?!

I usually go straight to ViKi for the subs. Even if they aren't completely done yet, you can still watch what they have up, so you're not DYING for subs.

I knoooooooow! Muwon is totally my favorite, and I absolutely LOVE how he is with Eun Seol (she always brings out the absolute best in his personality), but Jiheon is such a darling puppy (and damn it, you KNOW he's going to end up with Eun Seol in the end), but I always end up feeling so torn over it. Because Muwon's so completely surrounded by power-hungry, ambitious, selfish females and is it any WONDER he likes Eun Seol so much? And although I LOVE EUN SEOL SO FREAKING MUCH AWESOME GIRL THAT SHE IS, Nayoon sucks balls, and I'd be so annoyed if Muwon got with her in the end. I haven't seen that girl do a single unselfish thing. >.<

Yes, me too! I've done it off and on with various people, and seriously, I'd write a freaking college essay on those characterizations. I've never seen a drama create such utterly believable, HUMAN characters before. ♥

OMG, me too. I wish I could create icons, because all fifty of my slots would be PtB. *o*
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Date:August 21st, 2011 02:20 am (UTC)
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I just can't let myself watch them raw. The half-knowing would be worse than not knowing at all for me. Is that a good translation group? Cause they're obviously fast. transitorial likes DarkSmurf and they're only at 52% for ep 6 right now. I can't watch 52% but I could totally probably handle 96%.

Muwon is my favorite, yeah, but I love that I'm not just spending the rest of the scenes waiting for him to come back on like I have on some shows, not just Kdramas. I just... I mean, is it bad to say that I love him because he's not only complex but his motivations and even his driving forces are more complex, overall, than Jihun's? At least what we've seen so far. I mean, everything Jihun does is overt. His father is physically abusive, he's got the panic disorder, etc. Muwon, it's just all these seemingly little things, how manipulative and controlling and emotionally abusive his mother is, and oh god, the line from 5, where he's saying he's already trying SO HARD and he doesn't know how to try any harder, and you just KNOW, that's his entire life, trying to make her happy. And failing. Because his dad wasn't good enough to be the Chairman, so he'll never even get a chance.

Hehe, Ice Cream Girl, heeeeeeeeee. I think I might start to like her if we get a bit more background on what happened to make her what she is, but yeah, I'm not going to be happy if EITHER of them settle for her. Again, Muwon says he doesn't want a loveless marriage. He's settling for her! AAAAAAAAAAH DON'T DO IT MUWON DON'T DO IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT

...*ahem* Yes. As you can see, so would I. XD And yeah, I have over 200 slots now (perm account) and probably a good 60 or so free, and they'd all be PtB. Although...


I DO make icons (anything I haven't credited to someone else in my icon lists, I made). I just don't have a good program for capturing screen caps right now. So if you could obtain caps...
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Date:August 21st, 2011 02:39 am (UTC)
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ViKi's pretty damn decent. One thing I like about them is that they're always improving, even after they've reached "100%" completion. If you go back and watch older things sometimes, you'll notice they'll have changed the subs for previously completed shows to make it more understandable or accurate. Just make sure you turn off those god damn COMMENTS at the top of the video, because I hate those things. (Before I realized you could turn them off, I was watching whole episodes with my hand at the top of the screen so I wouldn't have to look at them. Once, they even said "Haha, this is funny!" Yes, THANK YOU, ViKi people. I totally wouldn't have been able to figure out it was funny on my own.)

Yes, me too! The characters and storyline are so great that I'm emotionally invested in almost every character, and I LOVE almost every moment with them. So far, my absolute favorites, in order, are Muwon, Eun Seol, Jiheon, and Jiheon's grandmother, but I also still love almost everyone if they give me half a reason to do so. Even Muwon's secretary, since she's the only one in that office that gives Eun Seol half a chance (I personally think it's because she thinks Eun Seol is spying for her boss, and also because Muwon is nice to her, so his secretary is too).

Ugh, yeah, a big reason why I resent Nayoon so much is because she's just another selfish, manipulative woman in Muwon's life, and he deserves so much better than that. Every time he's with Eun Seol, he just GLOWS, because she's so different than what he's used to, and he tells her things he doesn't tell anyone else, and I just love his entire relationship with her. But then I feel bad because Jiheon loves her so much too, and aaaargh... If only we could have two Eun Seols.

I'd be more than happy to like Nayoon if she gave me half a chance, but she SO hasn't given me any reason to do it yet. It even pisses me off how she uses tears to manipulate Muwon at the end of episode five (you KNOW it's manipulation, because we've already seen that when she cries real tears, she hides so no one sees her so vulnerable). But if she doesn't change and Muwon settles for her ANYWAY.... god, that would just break my heart. Please, writers, no. ;___________;

You have a permanent account? Luckyyyyyyyyyy! Every time they've made them available, I've been poor as shit, so I always miss out. >.<

Yeah, I don't have one either. My screencaps come from either Paint (when I make them myself, and yes, I know that's sad) and links. But daaaaaaaaaaamn, I want me some PtB icons so hardcore.

In the meantime, here's a site with some decent PtB screencaps - http://sharingyoochun.net/tag/protect-the-boss/
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Date:August 21st, 2011 03:15 am (UTC)
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Hm. Might cave, then. We'll see. It's a bit late now, cause I need to be up early tomorrow, and then I'm only home for a short while, so I might have to wait until Monday and that will suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, but what's even WORSE is that week after next I'll be on vacation and might not have time/computer access to watch until I get home the week after THAT! Of course, that means I'll have four episodes to watch in quick succession, so perhaps not all is lost.

Hm. Absolute favorites... Well, Muwon, of course, and then Jihun for me. Eunsol and her roommate are way awesome, and as much as I haaaaaaaaaaate Muwon's mom, I love the character, because oooh, her and Bongman, just delightful. That little elevator dance and the 'why, brother-in-law, I'm sure I don't know what you mean~' and everything, and then I HATE her for what she does to Muwon, and aaaaaaaaaaaah, but yes. Characters. Love them. Almost all of them.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, and Muwon thinks Eunsol is just playing him, too, because she's always going straight back to Jihun, and aaaaaaaaaaaaaah. So many things of this show are going to break my heart. They hurts me.

Yeah, I bought it during the... last sale? Sale before last? I forget when it was, but it was expensive but SO worth it. I mean, the icons alone would almost be wort it, but all the other paid features are good, too, like tracking comment threads and editing comments and all the other things I take for granted now and don't remember are actually paid features. ^^;

...I may have to make use of this. Yes. If I did, should I post them to my LJ? (I've got a new editing program, so I have to practice sometime, right?)
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Date:August 21st, 2011 03:26 am (UTC)
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Ugh, yeah, might want to wait. One thing I HATE about dramas is how you really have to invest time in them. WTF is up with that hour plus showing time? I DO have a life sometimes...

And omg, I would die. Seriously, I don't know how I'd be able to stand not knowing what happens next when new episodes come up. I'd be doing all sorts of insane shit to access the internet. XD

lmfao, OMG THE ELEVATOR DANCE. I kind of wish she'd lose whatever the fuck has crawled up her butt, because I think she and Bongman would be an awesome couple. I'd like her a lot more if she weren't so damn horrid to Muwon so often. I mean, I get her motivations there, but let your poor boy have a LIFE. He's about to crack from all the pressure. ;_________;

UGH I KNOW. I'm always going through such a freaking bi-polar emotional roller coaster with this show. One second it's all "OMG squeeeeeeeeeeeee! ADORABLENESS KILL ME NOW!" and the next I'm all "omg dying... Please stop breaking my heart, guys.... ;______________;" (Note: Jaejoong's acting at the end of episode five and the beginning of episode six is downright breathtaking. He doesn't cry, which I like because that happens too often in dramas and it would be SO OOC for Muwon, but you can see that he's miserable enough that he WANTS to.)


I just think it would be a good investment, because I've been paying for my damn account since it became an option. XD

I can't find any capping sites that do the whole show with all the characters and not just Jaejoong, which I find disappointing, but unsurprising. And, well, I think we could all be satisfied with Muwon-caps pretty easily. XD
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Date:August 21st, 2011 01:45 pm (UTC)
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But the hour-plus showing time allows for such delicious interaction and so much packed into every show and aaaaaaaaaaaaah <3

Re: Jaejoong's acting- I love how he just has these moments of... I don't know how to say it, but where you can quite clearly see what the character is thinking no matter how much Muwon probably would rather you couldn't. XD Like when he's talking to... I think it's Nayun, in the bar, and he just for a second gets this look of sheer I'm-backed-into-a-corner-with-no-way-out terror, and then it's all back to being smooth and 'no, really, this is what I think' and I'm just like eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, our Jaejoong has come so faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar~

Have you seen the interview with him on the set of PtB? Where they bring up the Banjun dramas and he just collapses into embarrassed giggles? Poor boy. XD

Eh, if all else fails, I'll find a program to get my own. But right now, I mostly just want one of the scene where Jihun and Muwon are all shoving each other down the hallway. XD Although one of their grandma looking supremely unimpressed would be gold.
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Date:August 21st, 2011 02:27 pm (UTC)
(Permanent Link)
I know! It's like we get a sixteen-part movie series, with so much happening in each one! But man, it sucks having to set such a serious chunk of your schedule aside just to watch it. XD

Dude, going back and watching those (horrid) Banjun dramas and then going to Protect the Boss... there is just no comparison. I love how Jaejoong's become one of those subtle actors, where it's all in the expressions and body language, rather than those ones that are always over-doing everything. The subtle ones are always my favorites, because it's so enjoyable to figure out what they're thinking anyway. And man, Jaejoong was just blowing me away from the get-go. Jaejoong must have been studying nonstop to become THAT good, after what we've already seen of him.

(And yeah, I would be embarrassed about those Banjun dramas too. XD)


Nothing I enjoy more than those two acting like selfish little boys. They're so cute.

lmfao; Grandmaaaaaaaa! Okay, I'm going to HAVE to find better screencaps of all the characters, because an icon of her would be too awesome to lose. XD
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Date:August 21st, 2011 02:41 pm (UTC)
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I don't know. I guess since the subs don't generally go up until Thursday/Friday/the weekend, I don't really notice the extra drain on my time. Everything else sort of gets rearranged around PtB time. XD

INORITE?! I mean, here I was thinking that the boy couldn't act to save his life, and I was actually a little worried to watch Heaven's Postman at first (didn't end up seeing it till after I'd watched Sunanare) because... well, you've seen the banjun dramas. Would YOU trust any of them to act after that? Or, more horrifically, after Heading to the Ground? (Honestly, how did that boy get WORSE?) But then Sunanare and Heaven's Postman were definitely enjoyable, and SKK was... just wow, Yoochun. And now. This. Thiiiiiiiiiiiis. It makes me so happy. And Junsu getting all those rave reviews in Tears and Mozart and eeeeeeeeeeeeee, why am I so proud of men I will never meet? ;_;

Hee, yes. And the best part is that Jihun is ALWAYS a selfish little boy, but he just brings out the WORST in Muwon, and you can tell Muwon KNOWS he's stooping to Jihun's level, but he just doesn't CARE! Like the phone call when he was at dinner with Eunsol and Jihun was outside the window, and he's all 'ah, good, I didn't want to talk to you, either. Goodbye~ *click*' and I just DIED OMG AAAAAAAAAAAAH

I want her and about a dozen just of Muwon's smirk XD and maybe that scene from early in the first ep where Bongman was beating up Jihun in the elevator and the two secretaries are hiding the camera. And Muwon's mom being all :O with the caption 'omo-mo?' Because she makes the best sounds.
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Date:August 21st, 2011 02:56 pm (UTC)
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I think I especially notice it because I always end up rewatching all the episodes after watching the new ones. So my time gets steadily drained more and more. *so not looking forward to the last episode when, if this continues, she will have to donate 16-17 hours of her time to PtB*

Ugh, GOD, yeah, it was almost unbelievable to me when Yoochun actually turned out really good. (Heading to the Ground, why god why... Although I think a lot of that was a problem with the writers. "Here, my rival! We were just arguing, but now a gang wants to beat us up! Let's hold hands!" Because, you know, nothing says "I'm going to kick your ass" like a little gay hand-holding.) And Junsu, omg. I actually got to watch some fancams of him in Tears of Heaven, and WHOA. Of course, Junsu's always been able to convey such pure emotion in his singing, but STILL... One of the clips actually made me cry, and I didn't even have any freaking clue what was going on.

And don't worry, they just about make me burst with pride every damn day. XD

I LOVE THOSE COUSINS TRULY TRULY TRULY. Every time they ever do ANYTHING together I just about die. "Oh! You're here! Now go away. Eun Seol, tell him to go awaaaaaaaay..."

http://tvxqpowerfullgods.blogspot.com/2009/03/tarzan-magazine.html - This one's all Muwon caps too, but at least they got some of his interactions with others too.

Yay! This one looks good ^o^ - http://sparks.dreamwidth.org/
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Date:August 21st, 2011 03:13 pm (UTC)
(Permanent Link)
Aaah, yeah, okay. I have to keep myself from rewatching eps for that exact reason. When it's finished, though, I'll probably have to watch them from start to finish. And then when I buy the box set... >.>;;;;;;;; (Because I totally will. Because it'll have English subs so I can justify it, unlike Sunanare. I wanted to justify Sunanare, but. :( Oh well.)

HA! Yeah, Dating on Earth was something special. Even if they did fucking leave Jaejoong's character alone at the end just like he said they were going to and that pisses me right the fuck off, it does. Rawr. Yeah, Junsu is just something else. I hope he keeps doing musicals. I... *sigh* I bought the Levay with Friends DVD, because I am week and Junsu is Junsu and god, he's so pretty and soulful and I could listen to his Mozart performance on loop for days and just melt.

They do, don't they. Every time I hear about something else they did, or see how they react to all the little slights from Korean tv and radio and whatever and they just gather themselves up and keep going and keep getting BETTER and breaking records and... well, being DBSK, and I just want to be like aaaah, boys, you're wonderful, and I hope they know just how much their fans love them, because if they didn't, it would be sad. So I hope they do. And not just because we want them to keep making shows and music and everything for us, although that's nice, too.

YAY! Even if they only have the first three eps, it will take a long time to comb through those for the best possible icons. Perfect~
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Date:August 21st, 2011 03:33 pm (UTC)
(Permanent Link)
Not entirely sure I have any icons you don't know the why of, but hit me.

...unless you consider me a combo breaker, in which case delete this comment and pretend it never existed.
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Date:August 21st, 2011 03:55 pm (UTC)
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*laughs* Naw, I'm always happy to see my Krill. *snuggles* Lessee...

Okay, so I know this one, but it's still cute.
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Date:August 21st, 2011 05:33 pm (UTC)
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Done. ^_^