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Sup, LJ. Been a while. Seems to be my MO these days. Oh well. I have a meme to do, but I'm at work, so we'll see if I get around to it in this post. >.> See how sneaky I can be~

But for now, I have a story for you, LJ. It's a fun story. If by 'fun' you understand that I mean 'FULL OF IDIOTS.'

So, for some reason, the city decided a regular street wasn't good enough, so we needed not one, but TWO roundabouts down by where I work. Like so:

This new addition has been open since Saturday but since no one goes anywhere in this town on weekends, Monday was effectively the first day anyone drove on it. This is what I have to drive on it:

The red is how I go to work, the blue is on my way home. To be honest, I expected people to screw these up, it's only expected, but little did I realize how FRUSTRATING they would be! On Monday, they went well, I was kind of surprised, actually. There was one guy that I thought wasn't going to yield, but he did, and all was well. Cue excessive amounts of surprise.

But oh, apparently, the idiots were just waiting. Just waaaaaaaaaaaiting.

Along comes Tuesday. I approach the roundabout, thinking, oh, this will be simple again. There is a small line of a truck, another car, then me. Truck gets to yield sign and proceeds smoothly onto the roundabout as there are no other cars in sight but us three. He goes straight and disappears into the ether as I get stuck behind... the other car. For eternity.

Okay, so maybe not quite so long, but there's no one else in sight the entire time we are near or on the roundabout. Not even coming our same direction! No one! And the stupid car does this:

Where the green is our direction of travel, the yellow marks the location of the yield signs (although if you've ever seen a roundabout, you can probably guess how they work) and the yellow arrows are the direction of travel the yield works on. The car stopped, STOPPED!, at the first yield sign and turned on their blinker to go right. You know, besides the fact that we're actually going straight and that how roundabouts WORK. But they eventually creeeeeeeeeeeep into the roundabout... AND STOP AGAIN! So we're stopped AGAIN in the middle of the circle for no reason, her with her stupid blinker on, and no other cars even in sight. We finally creeeeeeeeeeeep forward... only to stop AGAIN! When the YIELD SIGN IS FOR PEOPLE ENTERING ONLY YOU DOUCHEMISTRESS WHAT THE HELL WHAT ARE YOU DOING GO YOU FUCKING IDIOT HAVE YOU NEVER DRIVEN BEFORE THERE ARE NO OTHER CARS HERE EXCEPT ME AND I AM ABOUT TO REAREND YOU IF YOU DO NOT MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE

So I honk and we FINALLY get through the roundabout, with almost a minute of elapsed time when it should have taken maybe ten seconds.

Thankfully, that was the worst, although today was by far the more hazardous. Today, we got:

Where the teal is the NORMAL direction of traffic and the purple is where the car went. Again, it's me behind another car that pulls up to the first yield sign, FULLY STOPS, and turns on their blinker. Great, I think, another one of these. But oh, it gets better. They turn THE WRONG WAY so they're facing into traffic on the one-lane roundabout, despite signs and arrows and everything else pointing which way to go. And then she got to sit there as all of us who went the PROPER way went where we were going and she sat there. Facing oncoming traffic.

*sigh* So, yes, you'll have to forgive the crappy paint drawings, but I couldn't wait until later to post these. I needed to get it off my chest. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? I could have told the city that people who live here aren't smart enough to handle these. What do they think we are, British?
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