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Dear Adam, I would just like to comment that I have now seen both Advent Children AND the entire sequence of Gravitation before you. Love you anyway, though. :)

Oh my, Advent Children. So much cool. For the uninformed, it's a movie based on what is probably my least fav Final Fantasy game (barring X-2, which I just try to pretend I never played), FF7. I didn't really like the game, but I LOVED the movie. Hilarity AND aw-stuff all rolled together in an attractively eye-catching package. CG has certainly come a LONG way from the days when the animators said hair and clothing were just too hard to animate (see Troll scene in the first HP movie *sigh*). I've only been squeeing over this movie since I accidently discovered its coming existence while looking for stats on the then-upcoming Xenosaga II. HEEEEEEEEEE! I was not disappointed.

So, yeah, life is fun. I feel that I will have much homework to avoid this weekend, so stay tuned for an upcoming "abridged" post. The Gideon bible people were on campus this weekend (I like them, they're very nice and courteous unlike the bible-thumpers that show up WAY more often. Plus their bibles are this really cool green color). So perhaps I shall do "the Bible, abridged." I don't know, maybe I'll be less controversial and do something else. Got a great idea from the roomie when she kept accidently calling Desdemona, Othello's wife, Ophelia instead. Hee, "shakespeare, abridged." Maybe we'll see what happens when a few of the Bard's better known plays meet in a time warp somewhere or something. >:} *evil*

In closing, I would just like to say... "SPARKLY SHUICHI!"
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