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well...at least it's useful?

I think I just had a fever dream about a really fun party game and I don't know if it actually exists or not so I'm gonna put it here so I don't forget cause my phone is the only thing in reach.

Okay, so, it's one of those alphabet word games, right? The group picks a word that starts with A, then the first person has to take that word and make one up for B and then put those two together in a little story. The second person then takes that B and puts it with a C and so on. Preferably all the little stories run together but they don't have to. In my dream, we were just finishing up so what I remember is:

Rockingchair Stilts. The things you put on your rocking chair when you want to be really tall.
Tall Stilts. The kind stiltwalkers use.
Tall Unicorn. A unicorn on stilts. Even though he's not very good at it.
Versatile Unicorn. Not only does he walk on stilts, he also linedances.
Versatile Whale. A good friend of the versatile unicorn, but not nearly so versatile, being stuck in the water all the time. He wants to learn to moonwalk. The dolphins make it look so easy.
Whale Xylophone. He does know how to play the whale xylophone, though. Although it's not much like a regular one, being made up of bits of seafloor debris and just never sounding quite right.
Xylophone on YouTube. (This was almost illegal but we allowed it.) You should check out vids of him on YouTube playing it.
Zebras on YouTube. And while you're there, check out some vids of zebras, too. They're cool.

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