Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

Look what I found on my balcony...


Her name is Nelly and she is a very spry sixteen years old, according to her owner, who I surprised when she leaned over the edge of her balcony to call her kitty back. There's a gap between the balconies, about half a foot, and apparently miss kitty here just hopped right on over. I saw movement outside and when I looked, there was a kitty wanting in! I didn't exactly mind the visit, but I understand why being three stories up and balcony hopping might make her owner nervous. It was nice to pet a kitty, though. I needed it today.

There is... a lot of shit that I need to update about. Not to mention that travelogue that... is sadly looking like it might not ever get written now. Just another thing to feel like a failure over, I guess. Anyway, yeah, life has been having fun throwing things at me the last week and a half, and I want to get some of it out because otherwise it just stays in my head and goes around and around and around until I'm even crazier than I was before, but. Not tonight. Maybe not any time soon.

Right now, it's just this... not even apathy. I WANT to care about stuff and do stuff, but... lethargy maybe. Stuff ALMOST matters, but not quite enough to make me handle it. I want to post about my mom and the farm and me and my job and Tokyo and my new DVD player and being a plant mommy and and and... but that requires effort that I don't have the energy to give right now, and I kind of hate myself for it rather a lot. Meh.

...Yeah, just meh. So right now, you just get a post about a surprise visit from a kitty. Hopefully eventually there'll be more.
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