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So, rehearsal was good, but now I have to think of some way to bridge from the song "Take Me or Leave Me" - Maureen and Joanne's duet in Rent- (which is being sung by only one person?) to a monologue about an old women who has never had sex, basically. Something like that anyway. I have an audition on Sunday that I'm not sure whether I want to get a part or not. I don't really know either of the directors. Besides, I haven't really spent a lot of time preparing, so it will probably be rather interesting when I get out there with my "unusual talent" which is balancing a peacock feather on my nose. If it works anyway. I'm getting the peacock feather ready-right now it's balanced on top of my Rufus (naked mole rat from Kim Possible-great show) which is balanced on top of my flat screen comp monitor. It's almost cheating though, since Rufus has a sombrero on, so it's a bit easier than it might be. Good news is no rehearsal for a week and a half and not much homework this weekend or HOPEFULLY next week either.

The song 'Duck and Run' has just come on. It's like THE best song on this album. If you've never heard it, go listen to it, right now. Go. Anyway, it's the basis for this book that has been in my mind for probably a good couple of years now. It's a colaboration between my brother and I. My bro gets the coolest ideas sometimes and he's the one that heard this song first. Anyway, the lyrics fit the main character of the story PERFECTLY. It also helps that we were originally planning on the story being a screenplay (long story) and it's just perfect for the soundtrack. There's this killer opening guitar riff, it gets faster then it kicks into 'metal guitar' mode. First lyrics "To this world I'm unimportant just because I've got nothing to give. So you call this your free country, tell me why it costs so much to live." Those basically formed the idea behind the plot of the book. Which I swear I will right eventually. "This world can turn me down but I won't turn away and I won't duck and run, cause I'm not built that way. When everything is gone, there's nothing there to fear. This world cannot bring me down cause I am already here." Coolest song ever.
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