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Aug. 26th, 2010 @ 09:59 am ...and the abyss stared back
Blaaaaaaaah this job. Oh well. Still no computer access. Wonder what they'd do were this not a dept with things to do that DON'T require a computer. Although I don't believe I've actually managed to do anything in the job description I was hired for. Fun times.

Much comfier in khakis and a tshirt/blouse... thing. And sandals! And the lone guy in the office is in nice shorts today. Yes, my warddrobe options have increased nearly exponentially.

And I have a whole cubicle to decorate, flist! Whatever shall I do with it? (Sadly, there are no walls of sufficient size for a DBSK poster. Sadface.

Finally, every day I spend in the general workforce makes me more certain that my true purpose in life is to open a cat cafe. Yes. Yessssssss...

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