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...Yeah, so I totally made that thing last time, and then realized I'd forgotten to post it and was HEARTBROKEN thinking I'd never get a chance to again (at least, not until I was too old to care about such things as LOLcats). Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, I am so happy to be proven wrong. XD

So, yup, leaving on a jet plane tomorrow for Japan. Via Denver, LAX, and Incheon. Is an even longer trip this time, something like 36 hours thanks to an insanely long layover at LAX, but it's okay, because I'll have my transitorial with me. ^_^ Aaaaaaaaaaah, I am so happy, you guys, I don't even have words. I'mma have a krillia AND a transitorial ALL AT ONCE!

Gonna be in Tokyo this time, since krillia's JET contract is up. Many things lined up already and I'm sure we'll find even geekier things to get around to once we're there.

Don't worry, flist, you will be subjected to get another travelogue when I get home. Hopefully a bit quicker than the last one.
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