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Well, shit.

So, you remember how I posted yesterday about my bank having shit going down?

Well, shit just got worse. One of the girls I've worked with the longest who is such an amazing networker she should work in PR... anyway, she texted me a few hours ago saying that people were getting random calls telling them that their services were no longer needed and not to come to work tomorrow. Neither she nor I have received a call (yet?) but at least two other branches in town have had their teller lines almost completely wiped out. And two of our girls are gone. At least. We don't know anything about the non-tellers in our branch.

I admit to being exceedingly scared. I mean, I understand cutting losses and everything, and that a business is all about the bottom line, but... we're a BANK. The bottom line is helping customers, so... why are they getting rid of all the people who do just that?

I hate this. A lot. Fucking... dammit. And they're doing this now, how do I know they aren't keeping just enough of us around to staff branches until they get all new people/people already from their own banks there to push us out?

...I need a new job.
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