Kleptollama (corellianrogue) wrote,

Clash of the Titans

My sister's birthday was yesterday, so to celebrate, we went to Clash of the Titans, since the original was one of her favorite movies when she was young.

So... yeah. What do I say? It was one of those movies that isn't really BAD on its own, it just set off my inner Classics major in about every way possible. Had they not gone out of their way to butcher half a dozen myths in the most painful ways possible, I probably would have even enjoyed it.

I think that's the crux of the matter, really. I LOVED 300, mostly because it didn't even pretend to be anything but a pointless yet pretty exercise in violence. The 'myth' was just wallpaper. Titans... tried for that, I think, but failed. A lot. Not the way Troy failed (which was by simply existing) but... well.

I mean, first, it butchered the original. Which was sad, because I love the original. Then it butchered the Greek myths it was loosely based on to begin with. And THEN, it butchered most of the action scenes, leaving them ultimately unfulfilling.

Now, don't get me wrong. My inner Classics major spent a large part of the movie crying in pain, but it was still good. I laughed a lot, and cheered some. I was not really affected when any of the characters died, though, which probably says more about the movie than any flailing on my part. There was not a single character in the whole thing that I actually CARED about. There wasn't enough STORY for that. Even 300 made time enough for me to care about the Spartans, inbetween Persian orgies and massive bloodloss.

And then... fucking Io. IO. Why the hell, of aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall the heroines in aaaaaaaaaaaaaall of Greek mythology, did they choose *IO*?! It's like they picked a name out of a fucking hat!


In short: Go see it if you know nothing whatsoever about Greek mythology. Otherwise, it might not be worth the flailing.
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