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Feb. 21st, 2010 @ 01:14 am Because AIM is just too funny today
rainysoulmiasma: It really doesn't bode well when one of the people in your random dungeon group is named "Pniss."
CorsecGreenXWing: ..............
Auto-response: rainysoulmiasma is not available (11:52:49 PM)
Playing WoW. I'll get back to you when I'm not busy killing things.
CorsecGreenXWing: no. not so well
rainysoulmiasma: Yeah.
rainysoulmiasma: And our healer ditched.
CorsecGreenXWing: fun!
rainysoulmiasma: Yeah.
rainysoulmiasma: ...and now Pniss is going to be our healer.
rainysoulmiasma: I'M BEING HEALED BY PNISS. WAI.
CorsecGreenXWing: *falls over laughing*
rainysoulmiasma: Pniss was even a pretty good healer. D:
CorsecGreenXWing: *still laughing*
rainysoulmiasma: Yeah, me too.
CorsecGreenXWing: healing cock!
rainysoulmiasma: It's so wrong.
CorsecGreenXWing: oh god *will never get over that image*
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