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Icon Questionaire Meme~ :D

I have so many better things to be doing, but I like this meme. It's fun. And I get all nostalgic, cause I remember the first time I did it waaaaaaaaay back when I only had six icons. XD Oh, how times have changed. I don't even have some of those icons anymore (which is WEIRD, considering I more than have space for them now) and HAHAHA, some of my answers. Oh what a silly, silly Plague I was then.

But anyway, on to the meme~

Default icon:

Oldest icon:
I... have no idea, anymore. o_o Probably, technically, this, just because I think it's been an LJ icon longer than I've been an LJ user.

Newest icon:

Saddest icon:

Happiest icon:

Angriest icon:

Funniest icon:

Cutest icon:

Sexiest icon:

Favourite ship icon:

Favourite fandom icon:

Favorite non-fandom icon:

Most random icon:

Most artistic icon:

Most confusing icon:

Icon you use the most (beside default):

Favourite overall:
It's so hard to choooooooose! All of them? ...Oh, alright.

How many icons do you have total? 114

How many can you have? 200

If you could buy space for more, would you? ...Y'know, I keep saying no to this question, but I bought a perm account largely on account of the icons (and some other features, but... icons), so... no comment. I'd probably just jinx myself.

Do your icons make a statement about you? um... I don't know, that I'm very eclectic?

What fandom do you have the most icons out of? Like krillia, DBSK. Although mine is only at 32.

The second most? Saiyuki at 15. funny how that works

How many fandoms do you have represented? 28

How many non-fandom icons? 13 (looks like I've got you beat there, Krill)

What ship do you have the most icons out of? None, really? I mean, I have three JaeHo icons, two JaeMin ones, and one each Gojyo/Hakkai, YooSu, JaeSu, JaeChun, and Teito/Mikage. Apparently I don't really do ship icons?

How do you categorize your icons? however I think I'll be able to find it again.

Are your icons mostly made by other users? These days, I make most of my own. I have quite a few lovely ones that continuum has made for me, and a few others, but mostly mine.

Animated icons are... Okay, but I fail at making them. I have exactly two and did not make either of them.

In general, I think icons... Awesomesauce.
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