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- Leave a comment telling me you want to do the meme!
- I will choose six of your icons; post and describe them

from transitorial who gave me

Hee, emoturtle. This one came from a conversation wiiiiiiiiith... I think it was andmydog. We were talking about our Gojyo and Hakkai, specifically my Hakkai being an emo kid who needed to cheer the fuck up already and how Gojyo was horrible at pushing him. I then made the comment that 'Dammit, Gojyo! He's like an emo turtle, stop letting him go back in his shell!' I decided that was a most excellent mental image, so I iconed it. XD

youko_astarael made this for me, mostly because Cheese-kun was the only... well, he's not a character, so... 'presence'(?) in Code Geass that I really liked. XD krillia brought me a real Cheese-kun from Japan for Christmas 2008, which is amazing and adorable and yay. American Pizza Huts need mascots, yo!

There's... really not much to explain on this one. XD Every time I watch FMA, when I get to this scene, I go 'hello, kitty~' and eventually, I ended up saying it in the Hello Kitty voice and... well. Icon.

Isn't Trance adorable? I think Trance is adorable. krillia doesn't agree. D: Anyway, that's not describing the icon. ^_^;;; Trance is from Andromeda, which is set on a space ship. And she pretends/is/might be a bit of an airhead, so.

Tenpou from Saiyuki. He's just... I love him. So much. How did he ever get to be one of the highest ranking officers in Heaven. Really. I mean, other than being a vicious bastard and possibly arranging for people he didn't like to have 'accidents.' This is one of my 'oh, I suffer!' icons. XD

From the Eddie Izzard skit. Here, let me link it to save you time and just because I like watching it, XD

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