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ooh... purty

Wow, sudden influx of comments. You like me... you really like me! *snerk* Yeah. Anyway, taking a break from the studying type stuff. To reply to the sis who left me a comment... yes, I am still reading. Just...slowly. Yeah. I'll get it all done. It just takes time. And energy. Neither of which do I have in abundance right now. Bleh, stupid cold. But despite all the ickyness, I felt the urge to type up another daily summary of my life... such as it is.

Interesting tidbit: new roomie is as adept at losing stuff as ex-roomie. XD That shouldn't amuse me so much, and it's not really FUNNY per se, but ex-roomie lost her keys numerous times when I lived with her (at least once permanently) and now new roomie has misplaced her driver's license. Her license which survived a two-semester stay in Germany is AWOL. *snerk* But really, it's not funny. Speak of the devil... she just found it. Darn. Now it's not fun anymore. ... Um... Not that it was funny to begin with or anything. No.

The Iliad is possibly the most drawn out, plotless thing ever. I could write better than that. In fact, I have. In third grade. (Please don't tell my classics prof I said that, though *guilty glance around*)

(written in script format cause I'm too lazy to write scenery right now)

Part 1.

Apollo: You Greeks suck. Die.


Achilles: Hey, Agamemnon, stop being a jerk. We're dying.

Agamemnon: Hey, Achilles, go suck a lemon. Oh, and I'm taking your chick.

Achilles: WTF?!?!?!?!!!!

Part 2.

Hector: Hey, little bro, this kinda sucks. Why don't you fix it after being a pansy for nine years?

Paris: Okay.

*Paris and Menelaus fight*

*Paris pansy-fies*

Trojans and Greeks: WTF!?!?!?!?!!!!!

Part 3.


Random Trojans and Greeks: Die!

Other Random Trojans and Greeks: Oooh, I am slain! (Sprinkles to anyone who knows which Shakespeare play that line comes from :D)


Part 4.

Hector: *death*

Achilles: You guys are teh losers.

Trojans: WTF!?!?!?!?!!

Part 5.

Trojan Horse: Hey, look at me, I'm a pony. Aren't I adorable?

Trojans: SQUEEEEE!


Trojans: *death*


Okay, so the Trojan horse isn't actually in the Iliad, but it should be. It's the coolest part of the whole ten years war.

Alright, so maybe I'm a little loony from the cold medicine. Or it could be the boredom induced halucinations. One can never tell.

Oh, and to a certain Nan who may or may not read this in the near future: HAPPY GRAM'S DAY NAN!!!!!! :D
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