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For some reason I have Pretty Girl stuck in my head. Help?

Yeah, the title has nothing to do with this post, I just do. For like a week now. Anyway.

Just got home from the Shaolin monks at the Lied. It was as awesome as expected. They had incense burning at the front corners of the stage and it was strong enough that you could smell it from the lobby. There were two kids, probably my nephew's age or younger, in the group, so I asked my nephew (went with him and my sis) if he'd want to do that, and he didn't even need to think about it before saying no. XD He seemed very concerned about whether the monks had friends or got to do anything 'fun' when they weren't performing.

They showed off a bunch of the different schools of fighting and all the major weapons (even if the weapons had really fake blades. I know they're theatrical and make a loud noise, but mrr) and I have decided that I really love monkey style. It's just fun to watch. They had a big production for drunken monk style, too, with these huge fake jugs. XD And one of the monks had Gojyo's weapon which made me giggle a bit. Looked just like it, too, with the crescent rear blade and spade-shaped front. Chain whips remain my favorite weapon to watch, though.

One of the monks had a big bushy beard. He was one of the main ones or something, cause he did a lot of solo stuff. Oh! And then, while they were changing the scenery, they'd have little scenes in front of the curtain. The first major change, they pulled up aaaaaaaaaall the little kids out of the audience who wanted to come and taught them a basic kata. Well, as much as you can 'teach' that in about ten minutes. It was hilarious. But then, during the next one, they pulled two adult guys up and tried to teach them a basic sparring exchange, and I think the guys were even worse at following the instructions than the kids had been. Oh my god. Like, one of the two kept forgetting which of the monks he was supposed to be shadowing, and at one point, he and the other guy accidentally punched each other because he forgot to duck instead of punch!

Oh, it was so much fun. I hope I get a chance to go to a Shaolin performance again, because that was such a great way to spend two hours.
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