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Yes, I'm sick. That's the best part of living in a 12x20 box with another person, you get to play germ ping-pong with each other all through the cold-and-flu season. Picked up some lysol today, hopefully that will stem off the worst of the passing. Too late for this particular beauty of a cold, though. Just started today and already my ears are popping. It's certainly ambitious.

Went to SuperSaver to get food and stuff and decided I needed to pick up some cold medicine while I was there cause I'm gonna run out before I kick this bugger. So I go to the medicine aisle and my cold-addled brain is like "where...Tylenol?..." Luckily my sis was along or I might have just stood there for a while. She pointed out the sign that now anything with pseudoephedrine (and I think I just spelled that right) is now available at the counter. It's a new law that just got passed apparently, to keep people from buying large amounts of cold medicine to get the pseudoephedrine to use in meth labs. So I'm like, okay, whatever, I just wanna be doped up with antihistamines ASAP, don't care what I have to do to get them. Although... I wonder if the cigs are getting pissy about their formerly private locked boxes being invaded by cold pills... but that could be the cold talking. Anyway, I go up to the counter and ring through my bread and stuff, find out that yes, they do have the cold meds behind the counter, find out that Tylenol has f-ing changed their packaging again so now I have no idea what I want to buy and when I do finally figure out which one has the antihistamines cause I am SICK of post-nasal drip... it's only available in 'new fresh cool burst' whatever the heck that means. So I buy it. Had to show my ID. Gotta be 18 to get cold meds in Nebraska, now. Once it was proved that I wasn't attempting MIP-CM (minor in possession of cold medicine) I escaped to return to... homework....

Have I mentioned that I'm just a WEEEEE bit behind on my readings? And that I have a lab report and a two page paper due Tuesday? I'll get them done, really...eventually. The procrastinator's motto is: Wait until the last possible moment you can get something done... Then wait five more minutes.

Anime club last night. It was much fun. I think I've finally found my people. Scary, huh? Many people... JUST...LIKE...ME!!! Ooh, sends shivers down your spine, doesn't it? Mwahhahahahaaaaaaa*snork* Hard to laugh evilly with nasal congestion. I think my throat's gonna be sore tomorrow, but it's worth it. Anyway, last night was great, these are seriously some odd people, but they're not all catty and evil like a lot of people I know and they weren't all "oh, you've never been here before...get out" which was cool. And I met a real live internet pirate, who will, in fact, say Arrrrgh, if you ask nicely. :) which I did. :D But it was a fun like three hours or so of anime watching, which is just something I don't get to do like at all. We watched some really good shows and an anime about an anime club that watched anime. How meta. My fav, though, was Full Metal Panic ("The baths change at 10:00") *evil grin* I seriously don't think I've laughed that hard in AGES. I thought I was gonna die from lack of oxygen.

Should really go to bed now, but maybe I'll just sleep in. Or both. Later, peeps.
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