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So, joined the UNL All-Collegiate Choir. Mezzo-Soprano. Yep. Much fun. Really Expensive, too. Not the actual like joining, but buying the music and the outfit and everything, yeah, over a hundred bucks. Expensive. Hopefully, the funness will outweigh the lightness of my wallet.

Also, saw The Brothers Grimm today. SQUEE! Oh, it was a great movie. I mean, not a GREAT movie, but def worth the six bucks. (and aren't movie tickets just over the top now? yeesh, for a matinee!) As my brother commented after, "wow, Heath Ledger can really act." :D It's true, too, not a single, adorable Heath Ledger Grin(TM) through the whole thing. They were sorely missed of course, but they just weren't his character. This was the first thing I've ever seen him in where he wasn't his usual stock type "William Thatcher" look-at-me-I'm-the-hero type character. And he was really good at it. Very cute, misunderstood little brother stuff going on there. Sadness and happiness and everything inbetween in a nicely paced two hour work of good comedic fun. The funniest part was, about halfway through the movie, something happens (not a spoiler, I just can't remember exactly what it was) and I turn to my brother and go... was that just really a Monty Python moment or what? He agrees and we go on with the movie. Then I'm actually paying attention to the credits and I see... the movie was directed by Terry Gilliam... A BLOODY MONTY PYTHON! That's why some parts seemed so familiar while still refreshingly hilarious. And the fairy tales are worked in wonderfully. Not at all the Disney productions we make them out as today, very much dirty and gritty 18th century stuff. Two thumbs up, def gonna buy it when it comes out.

Hmm... anything else? Well, I am almost 140 pages behind in my reading (and that's just for one class, I have two other reading intensive ones as well) but I've been struck with the inspiration bug for the last couple nights and I couldn't let it get away. I'll get caught up this weekend... No, really, I will... I promise... Really.

Other than that, I'd just like to say a few words before signing off: nitwit, blubber, oddment, tweak. Thank you.
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