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So, last night was First Friday, which means all the art galleries in town have their big openings since it's the first friday of the month. Anyway, this means that if we tried to hold our show at 7:30 as usual, 1) it would be just plain too noisy, and 2) we'd probably go over building occupancy numbers and that's not good. So, we had a 9:30 show last night. The funny thing was, you'd think it would be not as good because we're all tired, etc, but actually I think it was one of the best shows we've given so far. Everyone was just on last night. People were trying new things and it went great. Except for one thing. Okay, so in the last scene of the first act, we're all supposed to be at a suffrage parade, with banners and sashes and whatever. Before I could even get to my banner, another actress accidentally knocked it over when it got tangled up with hers. So, okay, now I think my banner's hanging crooked, but I'm short, not like I can fix it anyway. About halfwy through the scene we have to sit our banners against these two support columns, mine on one side, two others on the other side. Everything looks fine for a second until one banner on the other side falls down, taking the second with it. And I suppose mine just felt left out because it then also falls over... right into the audience. Luckily no one was sitting directly where it fell, but the top did hit a couple of old ladies in the second row. So we finished off that scene with the rest of the energy we had left (banners attacking the audience will break a scene up pretty effectively) and just got off stage to finish the act. I thought it was the funniest thing that had happened all night, but then that's me.

In other news, I have this crazy prof for world of Classical Greece. I mean, crazy. Had the funniest thought about him the other day. His class is so entertaining, I'm thinking as I walk out to head to my next class, that I feel like I should applaud at the end. Like I've been to see a comedian or something. Scary, huh?
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