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it's almost September already?

Kweh?! I look at my calendar and it's already less than a week to September (or Spemtember as my overworked brain keeps trying to spell it). Which also means less than a month till my dentist appointment, but I won't drag you all down in the fiery pit of my phobias... at least not in this post.

Been back in the dorms for over a week now. Already feels like I never left. In fact, as I was running (literally) to class the other day, the odd thought struck me that I should be more than three days into the new semester. It felt like December without all the hectic-ness and freezing cold and stuff. In other words, I'm a complete nerd who feels more at home going to school than...well, at home. Not that you all didn't already know that.

Now for the oh-so-wonderful catch-all post that will get you all up to date on my life.

Thursday, Aug 18: Started moving in. Dropped off some basic stuff, but really didn't feel like lugging anything up three flights of stairs, so just dropped stuff off and split. Went back to sis's and enjoyed one last night of freedom by staying up late and watching s-CRY-ed on Adult Swim.

Friday, Aug 19: Big day. Got everything crammed into the 12x20 box I'll be spending the better part of the next eight months in. Got my comp hooked up to discover... no internet. I know, I was shocked, too. Apparently the major virus meltdown of the systems had basically locked out access from most of the dorms rooms, including mine. Yippee, so I was basically forced into actually putting stuff away that night. Big goodbye to the mother unit at about 3 in the morning (I love midnight Wal-Mart runs) and flopped into bed.

Saturday, Aug 20: Finished putting everything away before I went to rehearsal (Go see my play). Not much happened this day.

Sunday, Aug 21: First Tech! So basically, yeah, did nothing this day, either, because I had no time. (Go see my play)

Monday, Aug 22: First day of classes, now we come to the fun stuff. Started out good, popped out early to check on where my classes were, discovered I can just make it from Othmer (about 16th and Vine) to Love Library, (which would probably be like 14th and S if streets cut into the middle of campus) in under ten minutes, if I really hurry. Yes, I made the classic Freshman mistake of scheduling classes on opposite sides of campus next to each other. Genius, pure genius.

The classes themselves turned out alright. Learning and Motivation, Classical Mythology, and Biology 101 are pretty run of the mill. Seats are very comfy in the Psych class, luckily the seats AREN'T comfy in bios. That could have caused problems. The wonderful part is that my day gets to start off with World of Classical Greece with Prof Adkin. This doesn't sound all that great until you discover that Adkin is completely mental. Completely. On Wednesday, for instance, he started off the class by telling us that Virgil (the Greek poet) is better than Ringo Star (the Beatles' drummer) because Virgil has better rhythm and better beat. Yeah, crazy. So the morning gets off to a good start, anyway.

Tuesday, Aug 23: More new classes. Again, stupidity reigned supreme as I signed up for classes, getting me Philosophy 101... at 9:30 in the morning. As anyone who knows me remotely well is aware, no matter how awake I may seem, my brain does not even begin to wake up until about 10 or so in the morning, which presents us with a bit of a dilemma, no? But the teacher is interesting and doesn't seem to expect too much in the way of discussion just yet. We'll see as the year progresses. Bios lab was perhaps the most boring thing that has ever happened to me, and I've discovered that I am no more capable of tolerating general stupidity in the classroom setting than I was in high school. Luckily, the girl I partnered with for the experiment seems decently acquainted with the care of feeding of one's brain. Hopefully, I will be able to continue to work with her. And perhaps I'll eventually be able to understand our Malaysian TA. Well, there's always a chance.

Wednesday, Aug 24: Much the same as Monday, but with less worried running. Getting to classes not as hard as I had anticipated. The TA for mythology recitation seems very on the ball and interested in what she's doing. (Plus, I think I gained a few brownie points by being the only classics major in the section. :) Yay)

Thursday, Aug 25: Short day, hurrah. Only Philo, which means I'm out at 10:45. Had lunch with the bro. Much fun. Borrowed movie "DodgeBall." Should watch that sometime. This was also opening night for "The Fighting Days" which I'm in. (Go see my play) It went fairly well and we were all pleased.

Friday, Aug 26: A good day. Things went well. Parents showed up for play. Yay and stuff.

Saturday: Got to sleep in, oh harpiness. Didn't do much else. Play... well, sucked would be putting it nicely. As our director said "at least we get to do it again tomorrow night."

So here we are, back again for another year at school and another round of convenient internet access (no offense, Didd). I've been waiting for this all summer. Le sigh. Still working on the novel, as well. Actually have the first chapter and a bit written. Would you like to see some of it, o loyal readers? Remember, your silence is not the answer. Anyway, only another seven chances to Go See My Play, so go see it if you are able, and if you don't, well, I reserve the right to whip you with a wet noodle, then slap you repeatedly with a large carp. Oh, and if anyone sees my mom, tell her she still makes the best darn pumpkin bread cupcakes EVER. Thanks. Updates will come when I have time/inclination/anything interesting to say. Huggles for everyone in the meantime.
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