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I am still undead... NOT DEAD! I mean NOT DEAD!

So, yes, there will be a vacation recap here at some point, buuuuuuuuuuuut not right now. Maybe later. Right now, however, is for schadenfreude~

So, my neighbors? The ones I hate because they play horrid music really loudly? Well, sometime while I was gone, they got a pair of summons taped to their door~ And as of Sunday, those summons had very obviously not been touched, even though the court date was the 18th (yes, I looked, shut up. Be happy I didn't untape the damn things to see what they were being charged with).

So, then, yesterday? Heeeee, they'd been replaced by a police notice that the locks had been changed~ Which is gone today, sadly, or I might have been tempted to get a picture of it. >.>;;

But yay! No more stinky neighbors! I think it was drugs, but maybe that's just the hatred of the constant pot-smell in the hallway talking.
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