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Wow, got my first comment today. I don't care if it is from family, still a comment. I'll take what I can get. :) Also today, my favorite ep. ever of Andromeda my favorite show ever - Harper 2.0 - is on right now and I'm watching it. Poor Harper. *sigh* And I have rehearsal tonight, so all kinds of things are happening. Like it says, a busy busy day.

Also today, funness, I was going through some of my old files and found a couple poems and stuff I did in high school. They're not the best but I really like them, and this is MY journal, so I'm gonna post them up. So there :)

I wrote this poem on Sept. 11, 2002 when everyone was holding these somber memorial services and I looked around at our culture and it seemed like the only way someone could remember a loved one was to mourn them. But we spend so much more time, or at least we SHOULD, having fun and loving our friends and family, why can't we remember people that way? That's why I wrote this poem.

Do not Remember me in Sadness

Do not remember me in sadness.
Do not mourn you life away for me.
Do not count my loss in the number of you tears,
Nor recount my years with sobs and sighs.
Do not remember me in sadness,
For that was not me:
Remember me in Joy!
Remember me in sunsets and sunrises.
Remember me in lives still living.
Remember me in smiles and laughter,
In successes, in triumphs, think of me.
Remember me for the life I lived,
Not for the death I died.
Remember me for the way I laughed,
For things I did and said.
Mourn not my last moments,
Rejoice in my life instead!
I do not say forget me, but
Remember me in Joy!
I am gone only from your arms,
And that for a little while;
I live on in thoughts and memories
And lives yet unlived.
Do not remember me in sadness,
For sadness is but an earthly thing.
I know only now a heavenly life, so
Remember me in Joy!

The next couple poems are based off an e.e. cummings style that I never quite perfected but these are fun anyway

fairy Tails
If e.e. cummings wrote a Fairy Tale

                    dock, the mouse ran up the clock.

running always running staying one
                                                 step-leap-jump(cow jumped over the moon) ahead.
followed, howling-little dog laughed to see such fun.

hey diddle diddle

running running in the dark-day-night-dusk like


how they run to banbury Cross to see a


who lived inashoe. so many children, manymany children-miles Dish ran away with the Spoon. ranaway, runaway, always running

running running past present future-
all the way Home. Home? home is where the heart is-heartache heartbreak homesick. home away from Home. littlepig, littlepig let me in or i’ll blow your house down, down, down, falling down.
Clock Struck One.


littlecat,   where    have     you      been    ?
i chased a littlemouse under her chair

chased. running. nomorerunning. nomorechildren. nomoremouse catmouse crooked-cat
mouse ran up-down



Faire.e. cummings Tale
a rhyme

Hey diddle Dickory dock
the cow jumped overtheclock
the people all cried to see it Done
hickory diddle Dock


Math Logic

Math says
If A=B and B=C then A=C



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