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GAH! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?! Why must DGM go on hiatus JUST when it's getting interesting again? Granted, I only think it's interesting because we're FINALLY getting Kanda backstory and I'm amazingly biased, BUT! Frelling hiatus. >(

Also flailworthy today (although flailing of a completely different sort)- Jaejoong has apparently acquired an armed guard. None of the other pics show those guards hanging out with the others, and they're definitely surrounding the boy, as seen in the fancam.

Am I just imagining it or are the police (who have scarily huge guns, may I say) just surrounding Jaejoong? Did something happen that I don't know about? I mean, if they were watching all the boys, I'd say this was just a response to the 'Yoochun incident' but they aren't. I'm not usually one to pay too much attention to stalker pics (beyond being -_- over how tired the boys look) but... dude, now I'm CURIOUS!
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