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Wow. Um... yeah... it's been over a month. Well, sorry, folks (in this instance a word meaning my non-existent reading demographic). And yes, I did just get done watching "A Series of Unfortunate Events" which I bought. It's been long enough that I've probably lost the few who did read this thing. oh well. Hmm, to sum up: *deep breath* June 1- bro's b-day, much fun; finished Xenosaga Ep 2: Jensuits der Gut und Bose (forgive the lack of little dotty thingies), a good game but not quite the first one, and WAY too short; SWIII viewings stalled out at four thanks to Summerstock 2, the play I was in; went home for a week, cleaned my room (I know, never did when I lived there, so why now?) went through a pile of stuff that was deposited in my room the day after I graduated from HS and hadn't moved since, that was scary, found old school papers and junk...luckily no bugs; had auditions for a play about women's suffrage in Canada called "The Fighting Days," more later perhaps, but long story short got an ensemble role *again* (always the bridesmaid, never the bride); finished the game Bard's Tale, not a bad game, good humor; took nephew to Bible school for a week, had to get up, but it was okay; now playing Suikoden IV right now, not disappointed per se, just wanting more of a story instead of the whole fetch-and-carry bit; went on a buying spree (over a number of days) at Barnes&Noble's and Best Buy, bought -among other things :)- the complete Sherlock Holmes, the complete works of Edgar Allen Poe, the novelization of SW Ep3, the aforementioned new games, Lemony Snicket, Princess Bride, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and the first two books of Keys to the Kingdom, a new series by Garth Nix (author of such interesting and great series as the Abhorsen trilogy and Seventh Tower). *gasp* I think that's about all.

Ooh, long paragraph. My HS English teacher would kill me. Course, the couple I've had in college prob wouldn't even notice. Higher education, indeed. ;)

Starting out with fam for a vacation on Saturday. Going to St. Louis, gonna see the sights: Six Flags, zoo, Busch brewery. Yep, fun for the whole family. :) The nephew and I might have to hang out at the Clydesdale stable for a while. It will be cool. Or hot, depending on the weather. Six Flags better have some awesome coasters, that's all I'm saying. Gonna get back a week from Thursday. My plan is to then sleep in Friday and head out to the midnight Harry Potter release. I already have my copy reserved.

Not sure what I'm looking forward to more, Harry Potter this month, Kingdom Hearts 2 in November (maybe) or Final Fantasy XII sometime next spring (hopefully). There are also a couple other books I'm waiting for (or waiting for them to come out in paperback, honestly, who actually buys hardcover of some of these books? Just put them out in paperback people, yeesh). We'll see. If I get, there's always Gamers. Might pick up some playstation games, like the earlier Suikoden's. Who knows. (The Shadow knows) heee, ignore me. Or wait, it's my journal, never mind. :)

Hopefully won't be as long this time. Seriously. I'll put up my opinion on Half-Blood Prince... as soon as I have one beyond 'OMG! Is it here yet?!' So, till next time, keep your noses clean. And don't touch that, you don't know where it's been.
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