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Is it really such a stretch?

Sooooo... One of the guys from SMAP has been arrested for public nudity. Interesting story by itself, sure. And, I gotta say, it did make me think 'hey, now DBSK might get picked up even MORE if any of the stations decide to shy away from SMAP for a little while.' Because at least Jaejoong had his clothes on when he was caught drunk.

With that thought in mind as I read the article, this caught my eye:

Having allegedly spent most of the night drinking with two friends in a nearby bar, he was reportedly alone when the police arrived on the scene at about 3am.

I'll wait for you to form your own theories as to why that line amused me...

Got them? No? Well, fine, obviously your brains just aren't as convolutedly fangirly as mine. But Jae could SO drink him under the table.

Anyway, in less odd news, I ended up going to a Jewish synagogue tonight for a service. My nephew's confirmation class is going around to different services and things, so I went with my sis and them tonight. It was kind of interesting.
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