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Wherein my geekitude reaches new levels.

So, yeah, there's this movie on SciFi (as often happens) and I wasn't really paying attention until there was this big fight scene that kind of looked like the one in Star Wars: Episode 1- The Phantom Menace, where the Gungans had the big dinosaur-y looking things and...

...Okay, getting off topic here. Although it does still illustrate my geekiness, perhaps. Anyway, so I finally start watching, and then there's speaking, but giant dinosaurs with rocket launchers on their backs, I figure it's a typical SciFi original movie until I realized...

They were speaking Korean.

And that I understood a number of the words.

-__________- I am a hopeless geek.

In other geekery news, this article was in the paper the other day:

Man arrested in assualt of girl, 14
A 21-year-old Iowa man was arrested and jailed on suspicion of third-degree sexual assault of a child after police found him in a car with a 14-year-old girl.
An officer patrolling Holmes Lake Park at about 4 a.m. Saturday saw a parked car with two people inside, said Officer Katie Flood. When the officer approached, Andrew Jerome Kratky of Ankeny, Iowa, started putting on his clothes, and the teen covered herself with a blanket. Kratky met the girl during an anime event in Lincoln in November, police said.

Oh, Nebraskon. Because anime needs a worse image in this part of the world. -_-
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