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just another average day in the life

Le Blah. Not much excitement around the ol' homestead the last couple days. Well, unless you count the fact that the black squirrel that we've re-christened "Darth" spent most of yesterday chasing the normal brown squirrels around in the yard. Yeah, the peak of excitement.

Anywho... practice this afternoon. The scene is... interesting. Don't know if it's actually going to be funny, though, because we're starting to take it all into the realm of the absurd. Let's just keep our fingers crossed, eh? I honestly don't know how we've spent two hours almost every night on a ten minute scene. It's TEN MINUTES LONG! How do you spend two hours rehearsing it? I've spent less time rehearsing full length plays. sigh.

Also, up to three viewings as of last Thursday. Went with the bro. He enjoyed it much. Great fun was had by all. I just love this show. Going to go at least a couple more times with the fam. Hopefully, Friday with the bro again. Hheeee. "You were my brother, Anakin! I loved you!" tear, sigh. Truly 'Obi-Wanderful.' I will admit I got that off moviejuice.com. I wish it was mine. I wish HE was mine. Oh well.

Hmm...not much else to report...life is altogether rather boring, really. FFX-2 cheated me of the ending I'd been working toward last night...grrr...I worked really hard to finish the game with 100%, even though I didn't really like it and didn't want to play it again, then it doesn't even let me see the perfect ending! *anger*!!!!! Also getting back into some comp games haven't played in a while... Star Wars games, don't ya know. :D There is happiness. Better be moving along, just wanted to show I'm still alive and kicking. Note to self: must get Star Wars poster with Obi-Wan. must also get drool bucket. Till next time, kiddies, adios.
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