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God, why did they have to choose THAT song?!

Okay, anyone who knows me knows I have an avoidant personality. I am firmly on the 'flight' side of fight or flight. So calling places and talking to people is a distinct form of torture for me. I hate having to do it, and I especially hate having to do it when I know from the start that things won't go my way.

So, my flights got messed around for the trip to Japan, which sucked, and I had to pay MORE money to get them in some sort of workable order, which sucked more. But the suckiest part of all? While talking to this chick on the phone (who, btw, sounded like one of those computer recordings when you're checking the balance of your gift card. I know she was human because I confused her at one point by not knowing the proper lingo to get her to do what I wanted done, but... yeah. Kind of like all my worst nightmares rolled into one. Maybe she was secretly a giant spider, too, just to add the finishing touch... whoa, tangent) every time she put me on hold, the hold music was this horribly tinny version of Canon in D.

I love Canon in D. It is quite possibly my favorite classical song of all time. Certainly it's high up there.

This is like getting taste aversion to your favorite food. It'll be months before I can listen to that song again. *cries* Stupid call centers.

But Krill? See that? Said I'd get it done, didn't I? Hope you were serious about picking me up in Osaka, cause that's what you're doing now.
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