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So, flist, I've been thinking. I've got my flights booked, and they are very long flights. Not to mention the moderately long layovers in between. While I've got the reading material front covered, I believe I may also want music to keep me company.

The problem? All I've got right now is my old portable CD player. Now, I love my CD player, but it suffers from the fatal flaw of needing CDs to go in it, which sort of requires space in my bag and also provides more things to get lost/stolen on the trip. It also has something like a six-hour battery life and takes two AAs, which is less than ideal.

So! I am looking for options. Any suggestions, o wise flist? I'm gonna be 26 hours going out and 23 coming back, so I'd rather not have to haul enough batteries for all of that. -_- What do you all use when you need some tunes?
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