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OMG!!! Went to the Star Wars Midnight Showing last night. Or this morning, whatever. Anyway, it was so FREAKIN' AWESOME! I was just glued to the screen. I'm sure there will be people who will be all like 'it was too violent for Star Wars' or 'it wasn't as good as the originals' but I say SCREW THEM! They're all wrong. It was the coolest movie ever, and so much stuff makes sense now, little lines or things that were in the original trilogy that you wouldn't have known didn't make sense until you got the rest of the picture. I won't even bother saying anything specific to be spoiler-safe, though, for all you people out there who didn't have the connections to get tickets for the midnight show, which is the only way to see Star Wars. I mean, really, it is. Although, there was not nearly as much cheering as there was for the last two. Ep 1 was especially loud. But I digress, the movie was awesome. I could barely sleep, I just kept thinking about it. Going to see it some more this summer... a lot more. Saw Ep 1 14 times, we'll see if we can equal that. :) Yay and stuff. Go see it... right now...I mean it, you don't wanna miss this. AND THE FIGHTS!!!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!!! Well, just go see it. Oh, and for all those people who say Obi-Wan isn't like the greatest swordsman ever, I would now like to proceed to laugh in all your faces *points and laughs* there, just needed to do that. Been telling you people for years that Obi's got the mad skillz.

In other movie news, saw Kingdom of Heaven last Friday. Good movie, not great, but definitely worth the ticket. Except when Liam Neeson, who with Orli was the reason I went to the movie, dies a half-hour in. Grrr. Somehow, I knew that would happen, though. He's rather good at dying in movies. Heee, and the Thewlis-ness! David Thewlis was just as cool in this movie as he has been in every movie I've seen him in. "All death is certain." Isn't that just a great quote? And would I be wrong in assuming that he has perhaps the most easy to listen to accent ever discovered? I mean, I could be wrong, but really, have you ever listened to this guy?

Contrary to appearances, however, I have been doing some things since school other than going to movies. Watched a couple movies on DVD, for instance. :) Also, played Star Wars Battlefront for the first time. That was fun. Not a buyer, gameplay's too short, but most definitely a renter, or, in my case, a beg-off-the-brother-er. I'm so lucky to have a brother with good taste in games and the same game system I have. Also, attempted to teach the nephew to play piano, but I think he got rather bored with that rather quickly, so I don't think we'll be resuming lessons anytime soon. There has also been much cleaning and organizing and general re-ordering of the stuff I brought from school. The sis doesn't enjoy mess, even in her store room. OOH! And I've been writing again! Yayness. It's so nice to put pencil to paper again, haven't written in so long. Sigh. But now with Obi-Wan dancing through my head, who knows how much actual writing will get done. sigh. Not that I'm complaining or anything. :) Ewan McGregor is welcome to dance through my head, my home, or just about anyplace else in my vicinity any time he'd like. And, no, not JUST because he's Obi-Wan... although that's what started it. So hey there, big boy, why don't you stop by and see me sometime. ;) hee.

Hmm, anything else? Unhappiness cause Cartoon Network screwed with the schedule and now I have no idea when they're showing Fullmetal Alchemist. grrrr. Stupid tv people. grrrrrrr... Can't think of anything else right now. Sporadic comp access will keep posts limited over the summer. So, don't think I'm dead or anything. Probably just drooling over Ewan/Obi. I get the feeling I'll be doing that a lot this summer. If nothing else, I'll post up again after I've read Half-Blood Prince. Hopefully I won't be gone that long, but that gives me a goal. Oh, and just incase anyone knows what the heck I'm talking about, everyone should go watch the Tribble episode of the Original StarTrek. It's hilarious. And the tribbles are kinda cute for being balls. Wow, I just managed to plug Star Wars and StarTrek in the same post... gotta be some sign of the end of the world or something... oh well. Until next time... May the Schwartz be with you.
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