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so long, farewell, until we meet again

Well, the end is near again. As an aside, my thumb really hurts because I stabbed it with a box yesterday while packing. Just thought you all should know how much I love you that I continue to type even when I'm in agony. Anyway. Yeah, packing. Room's back to being a white box again. Kinda depressing. Even more depressing is that I gotta dismantle my comp for the summer. Bro-in-law's coming to pick it up in like an hour and a half, so I gotta do it kinda soon, too, cause I have to have it all packed up and ready to go. Comp, TV, and some odds and ends are all that's left. Final tomorrow at 10, then I'm outta here after I get checked out. Think I'll leave the final cleaning till tomorrow. I'll have a couple hours to kill before RA gets out of her final and can check me out, so... might as well. Always sad. I mean, I like that classes are over for a couple months and I can write and read and play video games to my heart's content for a while, but, I'm leaving my "home" since it really grows on you when you live in a place for like nine months. But I'm going "home" to my sis's which is nice, too, except that I have no control over the thermostat. I have more time, but no idea of what to do with myself, and NO I'm not getting a job. bleh. bad word. Guess I'd better sign off. Updates will come, they will just be even more sporadic than before because I'll be working with a dialup connection instead of the ethernet we have here. I'll miss you computer...

And since I'm feeling Disney at the moment:
So long, farewell, to you my friends, goodbye, for now, until we meet again...
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