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Ack! It has been posted!

The meme, she compels me!

The Yearly Meme: Go to your LJ Calendar and find the first entry for each month of 2008. Post the first line (or such) of it in your journal.

January: Whoa, how'd it get to be 2008 so fast?
February: ;_______;
March: So, after forcing myself to go to work yesterday and having a hoooooooorrible day of it, I came home, meaning only to take a nap.
April: If I've been mopey at you during the last few nights, I'm really sorry. Don't know what's come over me.
May: Dear GOD, if this fic describes ONE MORE PERSON as 'beautiful' or 'stunning' or 'exquisite' I swear I'll just.... well, scream really quietly. Or something.
June: 8:30pm Suddenly
Blinky Weather Icon: OH HAI THAR!
Tornado Sirens: *WHINE*
July: Here's how it works.
August: Dammit, Krill.
September: Oh.. my... shiny.
October: Blaaaaaaaah.
November: So, last night, I had a weird/disturbing dream.
December: Yesterday, it was 50 degrees.

I do this meme every year. Yay for tradition. ^_^
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